Intensive Therapy for Accelerated Healing

The Rebuilt Woman

Intensive Therapy for Accelerated Healing

Are you tired of feeling like you’re constantly trying to hold your head just above the water? Have you spent years in therapy and feel you’re stuck with the issues you live with? Maybe, you’ve tried multiple treatments including medication, weekly therapy, and even EMDR, yet have not achieved the results you were hoping for. Or maybe you find yourself suddenly collapsing with no understanding of why or how to help yourself.

I believe we all have the innate potential to heal from past wounds and hurts. I know, however, through both personal and professional experience that some wounds and hurts take a special skill-set for healing and have dedicated my life to developing that skill-set to can help you discover that your mind already has all the answers you need to break free from the past. With the right guidance and support, you can step into the life that you long for, full of hope, peace, and contentment with healthy connections to those you love.

I discovered through my own journey that when it comes to healing deep wounds from the past, therapy provides faster resolution of problems in an intensive format. Intensives provide dedicated time so that you, and all of the parts of you that hold your pain and hurts, have the space to fully overcome and heal your pain and hurts. For this reason, my practice is tailored to allow you to reserve large periods of time with me where we can focus on your specific needs and goals in an intensive format to achieve lasting healing so that you can live and not just survive.

What is Intensive Therapy?

Intensive therapy is a alternative approach to therapy that provides you with the uninterrupted time that is needed to work through the deep wounds that have been holding you back. Rather than be limited by the traditional 50-minute weekly session approach, intensive therapy provides you with 1-3 full-day sessions.

Intensive therapy is “intensive” because of the amount of time we spend together. It does not mean you will face intense distress from reliving of old wounds. In fact, I have found intensive sessions actually result in less emotional distress. My clients feel less anxiety and have an increased sense of safety due to the knowledge that they can work through their problems at their own pace over the course of the day. This takes away the pressure of trying to resolve issues quickly in the typical 50-minute session.

What are the Benefits of Intensive Therapy?

  • Process more information in a shorter period of time.  Dedicate 1-3 full days to focus on healing.   Overcome old wounds and limiting beliefs that have held you back faster, once and for all.
  • Cost-effective: Intensives are highly concentrated and focused on your individual healing goals. This provides accelerated results in a matter of days, rather than in months or years of traditional therapy.
  • A single full intensive day is the equivalent of eight weekly sessions (or 2 months), but the effects are substantially more effective.
  • No need to schedule your life around weekly sessions.
  • You have my full attention, dedication and skill set all day. A lunch break will be provided, as well as other breaks as necessary.

Who is Intensive Therapy Intended For?

  • Those who have been stuck and need help to move forward.
  • Those wanting to process hurts of the past once and for all.
  • Those struggling with the effects of PTSD/Complex PTSD, dissociative disorders, childhood abuse and neglect, or sexual abuse.
  • Those who are ready to heal old emotional wounds and finally step into living life authentically.

Based on the Most Effective, Cutting-Edge Therapeutic Methods

You intensive time will be completely individualized depending on your specific needs, helping to quickly and effectively decrease symptoms and heal wounds. Therapeutic approaches include:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Ego State Therapy
  • Somatic Focused Therapy
  • Treatment for Dissociative Disorders